The San Fernando Valley Bar Association is made up of more than 2,000 members, each of whom brings a wealth of wide-ranging experience and talents―both professional and personal―to their work in our community. The SFVBA spotlights a member of the Bar to recognize those individuals and put a face on our diverse Bar Association.

James R. Felton

Attorney – Greenberg & Bass

Encino, CA

Attorney James R. Felton grew up in Woodland Hills, attended El Camino Real High School there, and graduated from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, with a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature before attending law school at UCLA.

Admitted to the California Bar in 1988, his legal career began with a firm that specialized in municipal law before branching out into commercial and real estate litigation.

“I suspect that my father’s law practice probably had the most effect on me wanting to become a lawyer. Before I knew what they were or why they were, I was replacing the pocket parts in his CA Code books. I watched him interact with clients and now scratch my signature on documents like he did. You don’t often realize how much you mirror your parents and then one day wake up and realize that you are just like them,” says Felton.

“I joined Greenberg & Bass [now G&B Law] in 1991,” he says. “Over my years at G&B, my practice has evolved to include commercial litigation and now bankruptcy work. At present, I would say that about 50 percent of my time on legal matters is spent on commercial litigation cases and roughly the other half on bankruptcy.”

In addition to his work at G&B Law, Felton has been appointed on numerous occasions as a state court receiver, primarily in family law matters.