Legal Research

We are proud to offer Fastcase, a comprehensive online law library, as a free service to all SFVBA members.

Find a Lawyer Now

Get local, reputable attorney referrals that are customized to meet your exact needs in the San Fernando Valley area.

Professional Networking

Attorneys and other professionals join VBN to develop more professional connections, make new friends, and generate valuable business referrals.

Fee Arbitration

This program gives the opportunity to have a neutral arbitrator decide the appropriate amount of attorney’s fees for services.



Bar Approves Restructured Fee Scaling

May 14, 2019 – The State Bar Board of Trustees has authorized restructured fee-scaling options to expand reduced or waived licensing fee increases among attorneys whose incomes fall below certain thresholds. The new model will be proposed during the legislative process for setting the State Bar’s licensing fee for 2020. The Board delegated authority to staff…

Recent Candidate Forum a Huge Success

More than 75 attendees were on hand for the SFVBA’s recent Candidate’s Forum for those running in the upcoming June 4 special Los Angeles City Council election.

L. A. City Council Public Forum Planned

On May 7. the SFVBA will hold a public forum for the candidates running in the upcoming Special Election for a seat on the City Council to represent the Valley’s Council District 12.