Legal Research

We are proud to offer Fastcase, a comprehensive online law library, as a free service to all SFVBA members.

Find a Lawyer Now

Get local, reputable attorney referrals that are customized to meet your exact needs in the San Fernando Valley area.

Professional Networking

Attorneys and other professionals join VBN to develop more professional connections, make new friends, and generate valuable business referrals.

Fee Arbitration

This program gives the opportunity to have a neutral arbitrator decide the appropriate amount of attorney’s fees for services.


SFVBA Staff Adapts Bar Operations

The SFVBA has extended the office closure until at least April 19 and maintains the operational changes announced on March 17. The Bar is also adapting its ARS, conferences and arbitration operations.

LASC Issues Far-Reaching Covid-19 Order

LASC Presiding Judge Kevin C. Brazile has issued a detailed and far-reaching order implementing operational changes at all County courthouses. The new order takes effect immediately.

New Restrictions on Courthouse Visitors

A new set of guidelines for people entering courthouses and courtrooms County-wide has been released by the Los Angeles Superior Court. According to the Court, the restrictions will remain in place “until they are no longer necessary.”