Valley Lawyer Archived Issues

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MCLE articles published in Valley Lawyer can be used for MCLE credit for up to five years from the date of original publication.


January 2023

MCLE: California’s Car Culture: Auto Liability and Driving Responsibly

Looking Forward, Not Back: New Leadership at the Los Angeles Superior Court

To Evict or Not to Evict: The Terms of the California Civil Code

Heating Up: California’s Healthcare M&A Market

Probate Volunteer Settlement Officer Program: Everything You Need to Know

Legal Research Databases: A Definitive Guide

February 2023

Survivorship Rules: Simultaneous Death and their Unequal Application

Taking the Helm: A New Chief Justice at the California Supreme Court

Commercial Real Estate: Do COVID-19 Rent Rules Apply?

Benefit Trends for Law Firms for 2023

March 2023

Archaic Rules for Modern Lawyers

Fun with Trademarks and Copyrights: Parody, Satire and Lampoon

How Do I Distribute:Let Me Count The Ways 

Showdown Over the Pronoun 

April 2023

MCLE: Water Rights in the San Fernando Valley and Beyond

See You Later, Arbitrator! A Guideline to Vacating Arbitration

Dark Web Monitoring for Law Firms: Is It Worthwhile?

May 2023

MCLE: Civility in Lawyers’ Writing

Most Fun Job in The Room: Meet SFVBA’s Judge of the Year, Hon. Martin R. Barash

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Musings on Real Property Law


January 2022

MCLE: Administrative Hearsay Decoded

They’re Here!: New California Laws, Effective January 1

Why People Aren’t Hiring Lawyers Anymore: What You Can Do to Convince Them Otherwise

Common Benefits, Common Goals: The SFVBA’s Partner Organizations and Programs

February 2022

MCLE: Ancient Legal Maxims: Still Alive and Still Useful

Jumping Frogs and ‘Highly Pleasing’ Cheese: More Arcane and Absurd Laws Still on the Books

Financial Scams: Avoiding ‘Too-Good-To-Be-True’

SLAPPed: SEC Filings – Protected or No

The Business of Law: Practical Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Dear Phil: What is Fair Compensation

March 2022

MCLE: Real Estate Agreement: Fraud and Their Execution

The California Bar Exam: Under the Microscope

Motions for a New Trial: Avoiding the Traps

Work From Home: The Post-Pandemic Business Model

Book Review: What is Hidden Behind the Robe?

April 2022

MCLE: Proposition 65: A Primer and An Alert

Positive Attraction: The Valley’s Own Law Magnet

Disaster Law: New Bills Put California in the Lead

Deal Memos: The Dos and Don’ts

Beer Names: A Fun and Whimsical (But Crowded) Landscape

May 2022

MCLE: Silver Tongue: Financial Elder Abuse and Precious Metals

Legal Moms: Interviews with the Valley’s Busiest Female Professionals

ADR: Cutting the Cost of Priceless Peace

Sanctions Warranted?: Illegal Disclosures in Family Law Cases

Dedication Personified: The Professionals Behind the VCLF

Dear Phil: Choosing Among Equals

June 2022

MCLE: Conflicting Trademarks: USPTO vs. The Court System of Analysis

Frivolous Lawsuits: Maybe…Maybe Not

The Bar is Back!: The 2022 Installation Celebration

Legal Wellness: Meditation for Stress Management and More

Trespass By Encroachment: Issues and Remedies

July 2022

MCLE: Copyright Law: The View From 30,000 Feet

Ethics Rooted in the Past: Meet SFVBA’s Judge of the Year, Hon. Firdaus F. Dordi

Home Court Advantage: Getting the Desired Venue

When Opportunity Knocks: Maximizing Pre-Sale Value

A Legend of Help and Service: Remembering Al Ghirardelli

Licensed or No: Due Diligence on Contractors

August 2022

MCLE: Insolvency: Best Practices and A Strategic Approach

Hard Work and Multitasking: An Interview with U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, Maureen A. Tighe

Social Media: Ways to Enhance Your Online Presence

Constructive Trust Claims: Are They Real in California?

2022 SFVBA Trustee Election Pamphlet

September 2022

MCLE: Entertainment Guild & Union Agreements: Back to the Future

Judges Pro Tem: A Cornerstone of Volunteers

Estate Planning Marketing: Growing Your Practice

Premarital Agreements: Perils & Pitfalls

2022 SFVBA Judge’s Night Photo Gallery

October 2022

MCLE: Data and Equity: Avoid an Endless “You-Loop”

Meet the New SFVBA President, Matthew A. Breddan

Preventing Catastrophe: The Value of Financial Education

Fitness Club Liability: Avoidable or No

War and Peace: Protecting Trademarks in Russia

Privacy Protection: The Rulemaking Process Begins

November 2022

MCLE: Intellectual Property: The Critical Basics for Artists and Attorneys

Here They Come! New California Laws Effective January 1, 2023

Student Loans and Bankruptcy: Thoughts on Discharging Student Loans

Virtual Legal Practices: How to Build and Maintain One

Hanging a Shingle: Avoid Just Running the Clock

December 2022

MCLE: The Changing Landscape of Bankruptcy: New California Exemptions

Ying and Yang: One Firm’s Climb to Success

California’s New Motor Vehicle Board: Representing Car Makers and Dealers

Freelance Law: The Pros, the Cons, and How to Get Started

Subtle Differences: Living Trusts v. Wills in California

Text Messaging for Lawyers: Building Stronger Client Relationships


January 2021

MCLE: Contract Law: The Old, the New, and the Complicated

Different Paths, Same Destination: New Leadership at the Los Angeles Superior Court

Zero-Out: Finding Coverage for COVID-19-Related Business Losses

Ride On! Bicycle Safety and the Law

Correct Tech: Choosing the Right Technology for Your Firm

February 2021

MCLE: Trademarks: The Dangers of Failing to Register

Bouncing Pickles and Annoying Lizards: Arcane and Absurd Laws Still On the Books

Business Liability and COVID-19

Home Sweet Home: New Prohibitions on Rental Restrictions

Case Law: New and Revised

March 2021

MCLE: HIPAA: To Preserve and Protect

The Value of Experience: SFVBA Past Presidents Share Their Insights

California’s Critical Housing Shortage: The Housing Accountability Act

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Working From Home? Protect Your Critical Data

April 2021

MCLE: In With the New: California Homestead Exemptions

Growing a Small Law Firm: From Sprout to Finish

Superior Court Commissioners: What They Do

A Haven in a Storm: Combating Domestic Violence




May 2021

MCLE: Discovery: A Much-Needed Streamlining

Valley Judges: A View From the Bench

Breaking Ground: The SFVBA’s Inaugural Mock Trial Competition

The Chain of Fools: The Admissibility Bar and Drug Evidence

Goodbye VPNs, Hello ZTNA

June 2021

MCLE: COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace: Mandate or Not

California Judicial Council: What It Is, How It Works

The “Fatty” Arbuckle Case: Hollywood’s First Celebrity Trial

UWLA Hosts Zoom Moot Court Competition

Flat Fees: Follow the Rules, No Problem

July 2021

MCLE: International Contracts: The Global Impact of COVID-19

Meet the 2021 SFVBA Trustee Candidates

Copyright Infringement:Surviving a Motion to Dismiss

Buyin a Franchise: Dream v. Delusion

A Ripple in Time: Board the Cryptocurrency Train

August 2021 

MCLE: Driverless Vehicles: A Question of Liability

All in the Family: Following in the Footsteps

The Retirement Conundrum: Which Pathway to Follow

Hidden Inside the Couch: The Cash Hoard Defense

SFVBA 2021 Election Pamphlet


September 2021

MCLE: Red Flags: Intakes and Interviews in Family Law

Into the Breach: The Valley Courts’ COVID-19 Advisory Committee

Cyber-Security: Guarding Your Business Pipeline

Building Rapport: ODR and Virtual Mediation

SB724: California’s Proposed New Conservatorship Bill

October 2021

MCLE: Grand Slam: Hitting a Litigation Funding Home Run

Lights! Camera! Litigation! Actors as Real-Life Lawyers

Drones: Keep Watching the Skies!

Confusing Trademarks: The Next Course of Action

Pro Bono: Serving and Conecting

Dear Phil: Getting a Firm Back to Normal

November 2021

MCLE: International Contracts: The Global Impact of COVID-19

Meet the 2021 SFVBA Trustee Candidates

Copyright Infringement: Surviving a Motion to Dismiss

Buying a Franchise: Dream v. Delusion

A Ripple in Time: Board the Cryptocurrency Train

December 2021 

MCLE: Civility in Lawyer’s Writing

Top of the Class: Attorney Christian Oronsaye

California Employment Law: An Overview

Binding Arbitration and Anti-Discrimination Laws: A Case Study

Defiled Nachos and Cold Lobster: Ordering Up a Civil Suit


January 2020

MCLE: Inverse Condemnation and Private Utility Liability for Wildfires

California Employment Laws: What’s New for 2020

Attorney Referral Services: A Burning Issue

Overcoming Challenges: LACBA Looks to the Valley for Leadership

A Worthy Effort: SFVBA Inaugural Mock Trial Competition

February 2020

MCLE: The Buck Stops Here: What You Owe Your Employees

Meet SFVBA’s Judge of the Year: Virginia Keeny

Preparing an Expert for Depositions

Retaining Top Performers

Book Review: Getting Life by Michael Morton

March 2020

MCLE: Contract Terms: What They Area and How They Work

The Law School Experience, Part I: The Deans’ Perspective

A Look Back, A Look Forward

Promoting the Law Firm: What Works

Dear Phil: Securing a Loose Cannon

April 2020

MCLE: Representing High-Profile Clients

The Law School Experience, Part II: The Student Perspective

Music Licensing: The Changing Landscape

The Foreign Agents Registration Act: The Law That Came In from the Cold

May 2020

MCLE: ERISA: Remedies for Breaches of Fiduciary Trust

COVID-19: It’s Impact on Lawyers and the Practice of Law

Online Dispute Resolution: The Time is Now

High-Performance Leadership in Times of Crisis

Who Do You Trust With Your Pet Trust?

June 2020

MCLE: Data Privacy Compliance: A Question of Security

Pandemics and the Courts: Understanding the Past, Considering the Future

Identity Theft: Maintaining Your Financial Individuality

White Collar Corner: When Government Corruption is Not Criminal

Section 31: Detailed and Confusing

July 2020

MCLE: Preparing Evidence for Trial: A Forensic Accountant’s Family Law Perspective

Meet the 2020 SFVBA Board of Trustee Candidates

Hiring a New Lawyer: What to Look For

Divorcing a Narcissist: A Primer for Attorneys

New Rules for Los Angeles Landlords

August 2020

MCLE: Mechanics of Financing Promissory Notes and Deeds of Trust

Coping, Adapting & Overcoming: Dealing with the Challenges of COVID-19

Twice the Victim: Read the Small Print

SFVBA Election Pamphlet

September 2020

MCLE: Promisory Notes and Deeds of Trust, Part II

Legal Research in the Internet Age

Estate Planning for Individuals with Special Needs

Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

Institutional Trustees: Looking Over Their Shoulders

October 2020

MCLE: Filing an Appeal: The Basics

First Out of the Gate: Meet SFVBA President David G. Jones

Mechanics of Financing Promissory Notes, Part III

Estate Planning for Individuals with Special Needs, Redux

Dear Phil: ‘Dealing With Rejection’

November 2020

MCLE: Immigration Law, 2017-2020

The California Supreme Court: A Year in Review

Charitable Lead Trusts: A Year-End Estate and Income Tax Strategy

Silence is Golden: How Not to Talk Yourself Into an Indictment

December 2020

MCLE: Social Media and Common Ethical Problems

From Small Things, Big Things Grow: One Law Firm’s Story

Blanket the Homeless: Making a Difference for 25 Years

Showdown Over the Pronoun

The Flexible Lawyer: Promoting Agility and Innovation


January 2019

MCLE: Be Aware: New 2019 Laws on the Books

Los Angeles Superior Court’s New Double Team

Avoiding a Hack Attack: Cybersecurity for Attorneys

Get to Know the California Public Records Act

A New Beginning for the SFVBA

February 2019

MCLE: For the Love of the Child: A Brief Overview of Probate Guardianship

A Local Success Story: SFVBA Judge of the Year David B. Gelfound

Google It! Not So Fast

Discovery: Start Early With a Plan

Lighter Moments in the Law

March 2019

MCLE: Who’s Whose: DNA, Parenthood and Inheritance

The Building Blocks of an Upstanding Legal Practice: Advice for New Lawyers

Juvenile Diversion: A New Route to Reform and Redemption

Biblia Latina: Life Lessons from Latin Legalese

Dear Phil: No Compromise

April 2019

MCLE: Crossing Borders: Contracts and the International Sale of Goods

We Can Work It Out: Mediation Center of Los Angeles

Uninsured Motorists: Preserving the Statute of Limitations

Judges’ Night Photo Gallery

May 2019

MCLE: Trademarks: How to Protect Digital Products and Services

Lawyer Moms: Poise, Professionalism and Keeping It Real

Off the Rack: Apparel Industry Trends and the Law

Financial Planning: It’s Never Too Late

The Thrill of a Lifetime: Joining the United States Supreme Court Bar

June 2019

MCLE: New Harassment Laws: Balancing Protecting Employees and Burdening Employers

It Really Is A Small World After All

Clandestine Forensic Accounting

Defending Yourself: When It’s Legal and When It isn’t

Candidate’s Forum: The L.A. City Council District 12 candidates Weigh In

July 2019

MCLE: Insurance Coverage: The False Swearing Clause

Meet the 2019 SFVBA Trustee Candidates

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Colliding Apps: Analyzing Ride-Sharing and Scooter Share Services Injury Law

SFVBA Art Gallery

August 2019

MCLE: How Do I Distribute: Let Me Count the Ways

Something for Everyone: Why and How the SFVBA Works

Courtroom Artists: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

SFVBA Election Pamphlet

September 2019

MCLE: Securing Client-Friendly Reps in Mergers & Acquisitions

The Roots Go Deep: Meet Incoming SFVBA President Barry P. Goldberg

Buried By Your Broker?

Financial Planning: It’s Never Too Late

October 2019

MCLE: Certificate of Independent Review: A Must-Have Protection

Building Bridges of Communication From Both Ends

Accidental Franchises: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt

Valley Law: A ‘Hazy Remembrance,’ Circa 1960s

Everybody’s an Expert: Practicing in the Age of Google Law

November 2019

MCLE: Nursing Home/Assisted Living Arbitration Agreements: Legal Issues and Enforcement

Sharing and Learning: California Jurists Visit South Africa

The Nuts and Bolts of Ex Parte Relief

Patent Trolls: Supreme Court Rules on the Texas Fast Track

December 2019

MCLE: Time to Reorganize: Changes in the Bankruptcy Code for Small Businesses

Steven M. Sepassi: One Man’s Journey to the Law

Attending to Medicare: What Clients Need to Know

When the Storm Strikes: Endure, Persevere and Hope


January 2018

MCLE: Access in Cyberspace: Reconciling Disability Rights, Regulation and Web Accessibility

Diversity in the Legal Profession: A Pipeline to Equal Access and Inclusion

A Social Media Primer for Attorneys

Unconscionability in California: Contract Power Tools for the Powerless and Powerful

February 2018

MCLE: Recovering Attorney’s Fees in Bankruptcy

SFVBA Judge of the Year Elizabeth Lippitt: Blazing a Legal Trail

Sexual Harassment and Confidentiality Agreements

Roundtable: Mentoring New Lawyers

Book Review: Legal Ethics and Social Media: A Practitioner’s Handbook

March 2018

MCLE: Electronic Evidence and Social Media

Fastcase: A Cosmic Approach to Legal Research

Leadership Team Stems the Tide at the Van Nuys Courthouse

Product Liability Litigation Tests Jurors’ Perspectives

Uber Profits Lyft Employment Misclassification Issues

April 2018

MCLE: The Evolution of California’s ‘Lemon Law’

Frivolous Lawsuits: Amusing and Abusing?

Workplace Investigations in the #MeToo Era

New California Labor and Employment Laws

May 2018

MCLE: Unreconciled: Differing Tests of Mental Capacity for Wills and Trusts

Mandatory Fee Arbitration: Leveling the Playing Field

What is Plagiarism (and What Isn’t)

Bail Reform: Justice or a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card

JET: Learning More from the Experts in Less Time

Dear Phil: Choices, Choices…

June 2018

MCLE: ERISA Litigation Demystified

The Way We Were: Experience Through Time and Trial

Freelancers and Independent Contractors: Not Without Protection

Valley Bar Mediation Center: Reviving a Worthy Program

July 2018

MCLE: Effective Brief Writing

Meet the SFVBA Trustee Candidates

Growing a Small Law Firm

Martins Beach and the Future of Inverse Condemnation

Uber Profits Lyft Employment Misclassification Issues

August 2018

MCLE: Gas Station Franchises: Federal and California State Regulations

Remarkable Tails: Bar Members & Their Pets

New EU Regulations Regarding Data Privacy

Art of the Bar: Winners of the Valley Lawyer Art Contest

INSERT: SFVBA Election Pamphlet

September 2018

MCLE: Partnership Agreements: A Cautionary Tale

The Fork in the Road: Meet Incoming SFVBA President, Yi Sun Kim

The ‘ABC’ Test: Not as Easy as 1…2…3 for California Businesses

The Big Business of Small and Solo Law Firm Growth

October 2018

MCLE: Critical Mass: Representing Disaster Victims

When Catastrophe Strikes: Are You Prepared?

Roundtable: Class Action Lawsuits

Ten Tips for a Hot Appellate Writ

Book Review: Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders

November  2018

MCLE: Restraining Orders: The Basics

Voices of Experience: SFVBA Past Presidents

Elimination of Bias Against People with Disabilities

Please (Do Not) Send Money!

December 2018

MCLE: Probate: the Fundamentals

A Cut Above: The Elite Study Group

Bringing Bullies to Court

Copyright Infringement: Surviving a Motion to Dismiss


January 2017

MCLE: Immigration Law: Past, President & Future

New Leadership at the Los Angeles Superior Court

Post-Prop 64: Keeping Employees Off the Grass

The New Digital Divide: Cybersecurity in the Office

February 2017

MCLE: Navigating Trademarks: A Primer

Employee Privacy in the Workplace

All by Myself: The Agony and Ecstasy of Solo Practice

Roundtable: Splitting the Bar

March 2017

MCLE: The Evolution of the Private Attorneys General Act of 2004

A Truly Dynamic Duo: The SFVBA Honors Outstanding Jurists

Hands On, Hands Off: Driverless Car Liability

The Blueprint Guide to Becoming a Legal Blogger

April 2017

MCLE: Gifts to Care Custodians and Certificate of Independent Review

The SFVBA Attorney Referral Service: All the Right Stuff

Attention Shoppers! Surveillance on Aisle 6!

Toxic Stress, Job Burnout and How to Fix It

May 2017

MCLE: Entertainment Immigration Law

Law Day: Celebrating the Rule of Law

Jury Trials for Juveniles: Justice Affirmed or Justice denied

No More NAFTA? The Effect on International Dispute Resolution

June 2017

MCLE: Contract Law: Centuries Old and Just as Complicated

Valley Bar Network: Filling the Gap Between Formal and Fun

Gender Identity, Disability and Discrimination in a Changing Workplace

Employment Claims: Compelling Non-Signatories to Arbitrate

July 2017

MCLE: Transmutation by Deed: Issues and Impacts

Meet Your 2017 Trustee Candidates

Confusing Trademarks: The Next Course of Action

Evictions: Dwell, Well, Well

August 2017

MCLE: Know How Title is Held: Probate, Medi-Cal Recovery, and Tax Implications

Expert Witnesses: How to Vet Them

Roundtable: The Current State of Legal Education

Art of the Bar: Winners of the SFVBA’s Annual Art Contest

SFVBA Election Pamphlet

September 2017

MCLE: Developments in Bankruptcy Law

Paralegals: Behind the Scenes Support

The Virtual Paralegal

The Thorny Issue of Pre-Trial Bail

Acquiring a Business: The Legals Ins-and-Outs

Book Review: The Addicted Attorney

October 2017

MCLE: Wage Theft in Licensed Residential Care Facilities

A Scary Lesson: ‘Terror’ in the Courtroom

A Conversation with New SFVBA President Alan Kassan

Counterpoint: Gender Identity, Disability and Discrimination in a Changing Workplace

November 2017

MCLE: Social Media and Common Ethical Problems

Honoring Our Veterans

Let’s Settle This Mess: Prepping for Mediation

IRS Rules for Partnership Allocations

Dear Phil: Choosing the First Among Equals

December 2017

MCLE: Avoiding Liabilities from Environmental Agency Investigations

A Law Firm That Does Well By Doing Good

Stress-Free Holidays: A Primer for Attorneys and Their Clients

Blowing the Whistle in California


January 2016

MCLE: New Technology and the Ancient Tort of Trespass

Preparing for Your Greatest Trial: Surviving and Protecting Your Workplace When Disaster Hits

The Road to Success: Judge Huey Cotton Named SFVBA Judge of the Year

Book Review: Journalist, Lawyer and Judge: A Tale of a Legal Legend

February 2016

MCLE: Watching DIRECTV: The Recent Case of DirecTV, Inc. v. Imburgia and It’s Impact on Arbitration

Breaking-Up Bad: Is Misconduct Relevant in Divorce?

Law and Marriage

Employers Labor Over New Laws in 2016

Book Review: A Justice’s View of Global Truths

March 2016

MCLE: When Sparks Fly: The Trial Lawyer vs. The Appellate Lawyer

The Environmental Calamity: The Porter Ranch Gas Leak

In Vino Veritas: Larry Grassini Savors Success in the Courtroom and the Vineyard

‘Music Publisher Caught in Birthday Suit, Agrees to Settle’

Book Review: The Law of the Jungle

April 2016

MCLE: Drones: Friend or Foe?

The Not So Friendly Skies: When Pilots Violate Regulations, the FAA Swoops In

Service Is More Than a Word: One Lawyer’s Inside View of the California Civil Air Patrol

Book Review: The Life and Death of the Legal Profession

May 2016

MCLE: Nine Steps for Defending Your Client’s Miranda Rights

Scalia’s Lasting Legacy: Debating the Constitution

Oyez ! Oyez ! Oyez !

The Kelly Rutherford Custody Case

June 2016

MCLE: Get Online, Not in Line: Los Angeles Superior Court’s Technology Innovations

The Emerging Locality of International Law

The Bare Facts: Lawyers Defend Free Speech and the Valley’s Adult Film Industry

The Valley Community Legal Foundation’s First Ever Virtual Gala

Book Excerpt: The Trial of the Century

July 2016

MCLE: Unlocking Secrets: Public Safety vs. Personal Privacy

Small Business Game Changer: Updated Federal White Collar Exemption Requirements

Meet Your 2016 Trustee Candidates

Book Review: A 25-Year Wait to Right a Wrong

August 2016

MCLE: An Evolutionary Process: The Ins and Outs of Patent Law

Practice, Practice, Practice: A Unique Blend of Music and the Law

Art of the Bar: Winners of the Valley Lawyer Art Contest

SFVBA Trustee Election Pamphlet

September 2016

MCLE: The Afterlife of Debt

Mandatory One-Day Jury Trials Are Here – Are Your Prepared?

Taking a Different Path: Meet the SFVBA’s New President, Kira Masteller

You Can’t Handle the Truth: When Lying Becomes Dangerous

Why Clients Stall…And What Estate Planning Attorneys Can Do About It

October 2016

MCLE: The Benefits and Effects of a Receivership

The SFVBA’s President’s Circle: A Firm Foundation

How to Lead Your Clients to the Purchase of a Franchise

Duly Noted: California Vehicle Code 31

November 2016

MCLE: The Somewhat Secret World of Pre-Election Litigation

Legal Governance: Four Valley Lawyer Legislators

Proposition 47 Updates

Reducing Court Congestion: New Rules in Civil Procedure

December 2016

MCLE: The Old and the New: Practice Areas for New Lawyers

Taking a Dip in the Tip Pool

Giving Back: One Firm’s legacy of Serving the Community

Creativity Conflict: Differing Protection in the U.S. and Europe

Retirement Planning


January 2015

MCLE: Take Two Aspirin and Call Your Employment Counsel in the Morning

LASC’s New Top Judges Discuss the Court’s Current State

Eye on the Court: Seven Noteworthy Pending California Supreme Court Cases

Executive Action on Immigration: An Overview

Practice Tips for New Lawyers

February 2015

MCLE: Alice’s Wonderland? Software Patents after the Supreme Court’s Alice Inc. Decision

Hon. Harvey Silberman Named Judge of the Year

Keep Calm and Speak On

Metadata in Digital Photos: Should You Care?

Book Review: A Path Over Financial Fear

March 2015

MCLE: To Return or Not to Return: Understanding the Hague Convention and International Child Abduction

Using the Economic Loss Rule to Your Client’s Benefit

Same Sex Marriage at the Supreme Court

SFVBA’s Partner Organizations: A Network of Benefits and Common Goals

Inactivity Physiology: Too Much Sitting Time?

New Laws for 2015

April 2015

MCLE: Mindfulness in the Practice of Law: How to Reduce Stress and Thrive

Historian Barbara W. Tuchman on the ‘Art of Writing History’

SFVBA’s Silver Sponsors: Focus on City National Bank and Hutchinson & Bloodgood LLP

Fastcase: Advanced Caselaw Search – Framing a Search

May 2015

MCLE: Employer and Labor Contractor Liabilities: Advising Clients in the Wake of AB 1897

Developments in Digital Estate Planning

Galpin Motors’ Alan Skobin Talks Shop

What Attorneys Can and Cannot Do While Marketing on Social Media

Book Review: Judicial Clerks, Politics and Compromised Values in Supreme Ambitions

June 2015

MCLE: Transformation of Transgender Rights in the Workplace

Lien Avoidance in Chapter 20

Working with Dad: Valley Lawyers Carry On the Family Business

Maximizing the Meditation Experience

Book Review: Mechanical Guide for a Smooth-Running Trial

July 2015

MCLE: When Worlds Collide: Compatability of Family Law and Bankruptcy Law

Crossing the Line: Don’t Let Business Clients Become Accidental Franchisors

Candid with the Candidates: Meet the 2015 SFVBA Trustee Candidates

Book Review: Examining a Tragedy at Sea

August 2015

MCLE: Fun with Trademarks and Copyrights: Parody, Satire and Lampoon

Art of the Bar: Winners of the Valley Lawyer Art Contest

Book Review: Stand Your Ground – A Novel

Duly Noted: Does Obergefell v. Hodges Imperil Religious Liberty?

September 2015

MCLE: Civil Law Update: Recent California Supreme Court Decisions

Meet the New SFVBA President, Carol L. Newman

Five Things Attorneys Should Know About Review Sites

Book Review: Trap

October 2015

MCLE: The Ethics of Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity

Raising the Bar in the San Fernando Valley

50 Years of Changing Lives and Transforming Communities

Do Your Blog Posts Qualify as Legal Advice?

Book Review: Slave Freedom Suits in the Antebellum American Frontier

November 2015

MCLE: Online Negativity: How to Fight Back

Johnny & The Scorpions: A Brief Look at the Mind of John G. Roberts

The Power of Metaphors

Moving Out and Leaving a Mess: An Analysis of In re Marriage of Davis and Its Impact on the Date of Marital Separation

VCLF Public Interest Grant Impacts Law Students and the Community

Book Review: The Story behind Thurgood Marshall’s Confirmation Hearings

December 2015

MCLE: Civility in Lawyer’s Writing

‘Blanket the Homeless’ Makes a Difference Over 20 Years

It’s 2:00 a.m., Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Overconfidence: Tips on Getting the Parties Unstuck as Early as Possible in a Mediation

Book Review: The Trouble with Lawyers


January 2014

MCLE: Costly Divorces: Third Party Liability for Attorney’s Fees and Costs

It’s Time to Adequately Fund California Trial Courts

New Year, New MCLE Compliance Reporting Period

The Central District Tackles Probate Cases

Expedited Jury Trials: A Hollywood Sleeper Seeking Blockbuster Status

The Court of Last Resort: Noteworthy Pending California Supreme Court Cases

Lis Pendens: To Expunge or Not to Expunge

February 2014

MCLE: Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession: Lessons from the Cognitive Sciences

Advancing the Case for a More Diverse Legal Profession

SFVBA Names the Hon. Richard H. Kirschner Judge of the Year

SFBA to Honor Bench officers at Annual Judges’ Night

Book Review: Attorney-Client Privilege and Celebrity Clients: A Review of Henry Bushkin’s Johnny Carson

Duly Noted: On the Future of Lawyers and Lawyering

March 2014

MCLE: Enforcement of Non-Compete Clauses in California

Advances in Application of SLAPP Analysis: Hunter v. CBS Broadcasting

A Commitment to Service: The Senior Citizens Legal Services Program

Immigration Law Update: Spring 2014

The Shifting Burden of Proof: Medtronic Inc. v. Mirowski Family Ventures, LLC

Business Law POV: California’s New Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

April 2014

MCLE: 2014 Tax Enforcement Priorities and Practice Tips from the Tax Trenches

Stop the (Tax) Bleeding! Deductions for Self-Employed Individuals

Watching Out for Tax Authorities: The Top Three Mistakes Law Firms Must Avoid

Indispensable Support: Celebrating the Valley’s Administrative Professionals

Lessons from a Mandatory Fee Arbitration

May 2014

MCLE: Missouri v. McNeely: Alcohol, Blood & Warrants

Prescription for a Conviction: The Epidemic of Drug-Related DUIs

Attorney Moms Balance Careers and Families

Practice Update: Changes to AAA Commercial Arbitration Rules

Duly Noted: Encouraging Incarceration

June 2014

MCLE: The Yin & Yang of Beer Distribution and Distribution Laws

Pursuing that Work-Life Balance: A California Lawyer in Japan

Rules to Write By: Orwell’s Handbook for Lawyers and Judges

Taking a Law Practice to New Heights

Book Review: The Civil Rights Act: Lessons from Politics and History

July 2014

MCLE: Home Sweet Home: The Homestead Exemption

Foreclosure Defense Strategies in California

Recovery of Attorney’s Fees in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy as a Tool to Handle Crushing Tax Debt

Meet the 2014 Trustee Candidates

Business Law POV: Determining the Value of a Patent or Patent Application

August 2014

MCLE: The Bypass Trust: A Useful Estate Planning Tool

Handling Your First Conservatorship: A Survival Guide

Motivation to Renew: Attorneys Discuss the Value of Membership

There is Life After Death and It’s Digital; Estate Planning for Digital Assets

Book Review: Amending the Constitution – A Supreme Court Justice’s Perspective

September 2014

MCLE: No Small Matter: Domestic Violence, Child Custody and Family Code Sec. 3044

Divorced Parents and School Choice

Meet the New SFVBA President, Caryn Brottman Sanders

Introducing the 2014-2015 Executive Committee

October 2014

MCLE: O Brother, Where Art Thou? Geolocation and the Law

Managing a Virtual Estate

A New Technological Age at the Los Angeles County Superior Court

Team SFVBA: Meet the people Behind the Magic

Boundaries: Regaining Control Over Your Electronic Devices

Book Review: Who Saved Our Nation? Read On-and-On to Find Out

November 2014

MCLE: Ten Tips for Effective Brief Writing

Civility, Preparation & Reputation: CPR for Attorneys

Reflections and Guidance: World War II Veterans Share Their Stories

Content Marketing Your Solo Practice

Book Review: The Case for The Case for the Supreme Court

Dear Phil: Establishing Attorney-Client Boundaries

December 2014

MCLE: Reinstating the Tax-Exempt Status & Risk Management for Non-Profits

Breastfeeding in the Workplace: A Mother’s Rights, An Employer’s Responsibilities

An Unconventional Journey: Alan Gurvey and a Commitment to Service

Changes to Criminal Sentencing Under Proposition 47

Book Review: The Bully Pulpit


January 2013

MCLE: Can Lawyers Give Clients a Guarantee?

State of the Family Law Courts

LASC Reorganization Plan

Q&A With Judicial Officer Judge James Steele

Jury Fee Deposits Under the New Code of Civil Procedure Sec. 631

Duly Noted: Options to Replace the California State Bar Discipline System

February 2013

MCLE: Practicing Appellate Forthought: Appeals and Writs for the Trial Lawyer

Changes on the Horizon: A Conversation with Presiding Judge David Wesley and Assistant Presiding Judge Carolyn Kuhl

The iPad for Litigators: Storming the Courtroom

Finding an Expert

Dear Counsel: The Courts and Other Aspects of Dispute Resolution Counseling


March 2013

MCLE: Mobile Applications: Are You Giving More Than You Get?

The SFVBA Honors Judge Mary Thornton House and Judge Jerold Cohn

Is Franchising the Right Model for Your Client’s Business

Securities Laws Fundamentals: What Your Clients Need to Know About Raising Capital

An Attorney’s Guide to H-1B Visas

April 2013

MCLE: Changes to Tax Laws in 2013

Attorney Referral Service Donates $100,000 to the Valley Community Legal Foundation

The Resurrection of the Mixed-Motive Defense

A Guide to Arbitration of International Business Disputes in Developing Economies

Tax-Related Identity Theft

Tax Filing Status During Divorce

May 2013

MCLE: Domestic Violence Allegations: Protecting Your Client’s Rights

Adapting to Court Changes with Trial Techniques in Nine Modules Flat!

Spring into Action: The Return of the Women Lawyers Section

Visitation Reluctance in High Conflict Divorces

The Case of Block Billing and Voidable Contracts

Helping Clients When Parental Alienation Occurs

History, Public Policy and Plain Talk About California Family Law

June 2013

MCLE: Enforcement Before Adjudication: The Writ of Attachment

The L.A. Law Library is Much Closer Than You Think

Give Motions to Dismiss in Bankruptcy Court a Second Thought

Proofs of Claim: A Primer for Attorneys

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors: An Effective Tool for Selling and Winding-Up Distressed Businesses

Obtaining an Abstract of Judgment from a Non-Dischargeability Judgment

July-August 2013

MCLE: Federal Habeas Corpus: Planning Your Client’s Defense

Criminal Convictions and Non-Citizens’ Eligibility for DACA

Meet the SFVBA Board of Trustees Candidates

The Law Governing Condominiums Has Been Rewritten

Workers’ Compensation: Representing Medical Providers Post-SB 863

September 2013

MCLE: Elder Abuse: Identification and Legal Advocacy

Determination of Duty in Probate Malpractice Claims

Meet Adam D.H. Grant: SFVBA President on the Move

Understanding Conflicts of Interest in Estate Planning

Elder Abuse Litigation: The Basics

The Challenges of Our Aging Population: Resolving Disputes Between Aging Parents and Their Families

October 2013

MCLE: California’s Disclosure Requirement in Trade Secret Legislation

SFVBA Teams with The Esquire Network

OPIP: When is it Lawful to Use Other People’s Intellectual Property?

SFVBA Members Establish the Valley Bar Mediation Center

Patent or Trade Secret Protection? The Impact of the America Invents Act

November 2013

MCLE: What You Need to Know About Mandatory Fee Arbitration

Hanging Your Shingle: Tips for Starting Your Own Practice

Office Space: Finding the Right Fit

Rising Stars of the Valley Legal Community

Tricks of the Trade for New Researchers: Make Your Legal Research Easy!

So You Want to Become a Judge?

December 2013

MCLE: National Origin, Ancestry, Citizenship and Employment Laws

Managing Mental Disorders in the Workplace

EEOC Crackdown: Background Checks and Employer Risks

Valley Roots and Service: Attorney Ron Hedding Gives Back

Payment by Piece Rate: Employers Should Proceed with Caution


January 2012

MCLE: Celebrating a Different Voice: Embracing Judicial Diversity

Multicultural Bar Alliance’s Pursuit of Justice

SFVBA Diversity Committee Takes Action

Foreign Bank Account Report Enforcement by the IRS

Health Care Reform and Diversified Employee Benefits

February 2012

MCLE: Understanding California DUI Laws

The First Year of Los Angeles Expedited Jury Trials

Small Saving(s) Graces May Ultimately Mean a Lot

SFVBA Celebrates the Valley’s Distinguished Judges

Issue Facing the Valley’s Courts

Dealing with a Client’s Criminal Law Matter

Medical Marijuana Overview: The Law and Its Ambiguities

Collaborative Practice Makes Sense

March 2012

MCLE: Applying Federal Labor-Management Law

Attorney to Attorney Mentoring

New California Employment Laws

California Imposes Stiff Penalties for Misclassification of Independent Contractors

Disability Claims, the Interactive Process and Reasonable Accommodations

California Court of Appeal Clarifies Reporting Time Pay Requirements

An Inside Look at Human Resources Technology

Workplace Investigations from a Defense Perspective

April 2012

MCLE: Government Contracting: Terms, Risks & Sanctions

Gifts That Keep On Giving: The 411 on Gift Taxation

Exploring Export Trade Compliance

The SFVBA Launches a New Paralegal Section

The Accidental Franchisor

When a Client Suffers a Cyber-Setback

May 2012

MCLE: When Divorces Go Grey

Healing Domestic Violence

The Impact of Separation and Divorce on Children

The Balancing Act: Work-Life for Mom Attorneys

Don’t Bother, Ruth!

Equitable Relief for Innocent Spouses

June 2012

MCLE: The Pros and Cons of Mediation Confidentiality

ADR in the Employment Arena

Designing the Mediation Process for Optimal Results

Exploration of Mandatory Fee Arbitration

Monetary Cutbacks to the Court System

July-August 2012

MCLE: Legal Hold and Litigation Discovery Procedures for Electronically Stored Information\

Jurisdictional Reach in Internet Cases: Clarification from the Ninth Circuit

Meet the SFVBA Board of Trustee Candidates

Maintaining Client Confidentiality in the Cloud

The Art of Collections in a Down Economy

September 2012

MCLE: Representing Artists in California

Meet Past and Future SFVBA President David Gurnick

What’s in a Business Name?

Patent on Rye: Protecting a Trademarked Sandwich

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care Reform: A Blessing or  Curse?

Jury Trials in the Social Media Age

October 2012

MCLE: Change of Ownership: What Triggers a Property Tax Assessment

Overview of International Estate Planning

Officially Tarzana: SFVBA Celebrates Its Move

Leaving a Legal Legacy

Finding an Expert: Long-Term Care in California

November 2012

MCLE: Common Client Trust Accounting Mistakes

A Winning Strategy for a Successful Trial

Eighteen Trial Suggestions That New Lawyers Need to Know

An Inside Perspective on Franchise Law

New Lawyers on the Rise

Optimizing Client Referrals Through Online Marketing

December 2012

MCLE: Employment Law Developments: Review of 2012 CA Supreme Court Decisions and New Legislation

Selected Bankruptcy Opinions

California Enacts a Homeowner’s Bill of Rights

A Fulfilling Family Law Practice: Giving Clients a Choice to Resolve Cases Collaboratively

Review of 2012 Immigration Law Developments


January 2011

MCLE: Avoiding Common Malpractice Risks Associated with Legal Calendaring

Los Angeles Superior Court’s ADR Program

Wiggle Room: How to Help Franchising Clients Survive the Recession

Subrogating Insurer Must Show Superior Equities

Criminal Law Update

Difficult People in the Practice of Law

February 2011

MCLE: Special Jury Instructions: When CACI Won’t Cut It

Expedited Jury Trials: It’s About Time

Spotlight on the SFVBA’s Honorees

Family Law Mediation

Teaching Real Estate Abroad

Real Estate Matters

Dismissing DUI Charges: A Criminal Defense Approach

March 2011

MCLE: Cat v. Mouse 2.0: Online Copyright Enforcement

Enforcement of “Non-Refundable” Retainer Provisions

Fastcase for SFVBA Members: Accelerated Legal Research

How the ‘www’ Impacts the Legal Field

Mediating Employment Cases in an Economic Meltdown

Adverse Claims: A “Mine” Field of Liability for Common Carriers

April 2011

MCLE: International Business Relations: A Lawyer’s Guide to Japanese Culture, History and the Law

What Legal Entity is Best for the Small Business Client

Using Ratios to Find Hidden Income

Practicing Law in the New Economy

The Leap of Faith: How to Acquire a Franchisor

Preparing a Client for Mediation

May 2011

MCLE: Marijuana Possession and the Law: What Attorneys Need to Know

Understanding Clients with Personality Disorders

Tee Time for Attorneys: Network and Ease Stress at the SFVBA Golf Tournament

Managing Disasters in Unpredictable Times

Measuring Damages for Breach of Trust

Enforcing Judgments Against Individuals Shielding Assets

June 2011

MCLE: A Basic Ethics Refresher

Maximize Savings with Member Benefits

Long-Term Care Planning for an Aging Population

SFVBA member Bernard Grossman Going Strong and Leading the Way

Choosing the Right Contractor for Home Improvement

Google Potential Jurors and Witnesses

July-August 2011

MCLE: Litigating Transportation and Warehouse Claims

Applying Cat’s Paw Liability to Discrimination Cases

SFVBA Board of Trustees Election in Review

Effective Written Advocacy Before Generalist Judges: Advice from Recent Decisions

How to Streamline and Grow a Law Firm

September 2011

MCLE: Recapturing Copyrights: A Window of Opportunity for Creators

New SFVBA President Alan J. Sedley Takes Office

The Web’s World of Entertainment

The Amazon and Author’s Guild Controversy

SFVBA Attorney’s Share Book Publishing Advice

Creating an Efficient Arbitration

October 2011

MCLE: Bullying and Trauma in the Workplace: The New Violence?

Navigating City Council Zoning Decisions

Ethical Hot Spots for Attorney’s Using Social Media

Are Law Clerks Entitled to Overtime?

Medical Malpractice: The Fraudulent Electronic Medical Record

Brief Assessments in Child Custody Matters

California’s Regulation of Insurance Claim Settlements

November 2011

MCLE: The Income Tax Implications of Divorce

Prayer at Public Meetings: A Constitutional Violation?

Six Reasons for Attorneys to Consider Public Service

New Securities and Exchange Commission Policies: Rewards for Whistleblowers

The Paperless Legal Office

Commercial Litigation and Forensic Accounting

December 2011

MCLE: A Distressed Year for Real Estate

2011 Bankruptcy Law Review

Earning MCLE Credit Year-Round

IRS Amnesty for Worker Misclassification

Five Law Practice Management Tips

Retirement Planning for Law Firms


January 2010

MCLE: Got ADR? A Healthy Choice

The Hidden Treasures of Non-Binding Arbitration

Family Law Mediation

Bankruptcy Mediation Programs

Saving Time, Money and Stress

February 2010

MCLE: Archaic Rules for Modern Lawyers

California’s Judicial Valentines

Background on the Bench-Bar Coalition

A Foot in the Door at the Court of Appeals

March 2010

MCLE: Voices of America: Enhancing Diversity on the Bench

Diverse Attorneys Working Towards True Diversity

Capturing the Competitive Advantage

Q&A with Diverse SFVBA Member Arvand Naderi

Diversity at Neighborhood Legal Services

April 2010

MCLE: Unlawful Debt Collection

Fraudulent Conveyance Action is a Viable Collection Option

Dealing with Client Competency Issues

S Corporations – The Rules for Listed Property

Business Owners Weigh Options

11 Practical Tips for Negotiating Leases for Tenants

May 2010

MCLE: Putting the ‘Family’ Back in Family Law

SFVBA Succeeds in Protecting Its Membership List

Animal Pragmatism: Tips for Pet Trusts

Business Valuation Services for Marital Dissolution

Mediation Mirrors the Marriage

Preparing for a Family Mediation

June 2010

MCLE: The Hidden Secret Among Lawyers – Stress, Anxiety and Addictions

Blowing the Whistle on Patent False Marking Legislation

Q&A with Judge Jay C. Gandhi

Sherman Oaks Lawyer Wins $15 Million Verdict in Boston

Alternative Careers for JDs

Ranch Damages for Trespass-by-Fire

SFVBA Mark Shipow Pays It Forward

July-August 2010

MCLE: Horses in Entertainment, Sports and the Law

Proverbial Lessons from a State Bar Suspender

Advising Senior Clients

When a Client Commits a Crime and Asks for Help

When a Parent Moves Away

Placing Form Over Substance: Opposing Counsel Cannot Rely on Attorney’s Approval

September 2010

MCLE: New Technologies Benefit Small Law Firms

Patent Protection for Software Business Methods

Internet Marketing 101 for Attorneys

A Bodyguard for Electronic Information

It Takes a Thief

October 2010

MCLE: Discrimination Against Employees Who Report Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Compensation Equality in the Workplace

Cut Stress and Overhead with a Home-Based Office

Q&A with the SFVBA’s New President, Seymour I. Amster

Federal Workers’ Compensation Claims

Striking Life’s Balance

November 2010

MCLE: Illegal Alien Spotting: A Basic Field Guide for Lawyers, Law Enforcement and Patriots

Interpreting Foreign Languages in Litigation

International Service of Process: What Every Attorney Should Know

A Young Attorney’s Guide to Building Business

The Cost of Raising a Child Calculation Tool

The Disgruntled Employee

December 2010

MCLE: Protecting Confidences and Secrets vs. the Duty of Loyalty

California Supreme Court’s Employment Law Cases

A Preview of 2010 California Real Estate Law

A Modern Family Meets the Great Recession and Divorce

Alternative Financing for the CleanTech Entrepreneur

The Small Business Jobs Act and the Corporate Lawyer

System Failure: Issues of Medical Malpractice


January 2009

MCLE: Sex Crimes and Deviants

The Risks and Rewards of Calendaring for Small Firms

Honor Jurists on Both Sides of the Hill

Diversity in the Legal System

The Law Goes to Open Source

November MCLE Article Reprint

February 2009

MCLE: FCC Investigates Embedded Advertising on TV

Temporary Judge Profile

Sprinkles Cupcakes is Seeing Red…Velvet That Is!

Requesting Proposals for Changes in the Law

Valley Lawyers Secure Temporary Judge Assignments

March 2009

MCLE: Essential Negotiating Skills: A New Perspective

An Efficient Way to Resolve Fee Disputes

The Effective Use of an Accountant in Divorce

Achieving Success in Real Estate Mediations

The Raisin and the Negotiator

Spotlight on SFVBA Executive Director Liz Post

April 2009

MCLE: The Threat of the ‘B’ Word

The Role of the Chapter 7 Trustee

The Global Economic Crisis Hits California

Bankruptcy Preference Law Highlights the Malpractice Trap

May 2009

MCLE: 10 Common Misconceptions About Family Law

Preventing and Responding to Company Theft

It Takes a Team

Children With Special Needs: Family Law Proceedings

Co-Parenting vs. Parallel Parenting

An Intro to California Securities

June 2009

MCLE: The Mechanic’s Lien Law

Using the Science of Influence

Foreclosure Safety Nets

Real Estate Fraud Litigation

The Case of the Missing Plumber

July-August 2009

MCLE: Malpractice Insurance: Understand Before You Disclose

Q&A with Former California State Senator Sheila Kuehl

A Tribute to Pearl F. Vogel

Is Health Insurance Killing Your Bottom Line?

September 2009

MCLE: Suspended Corporations: Tips and Traps to Avoid

Civility Encouraged by Law and State Bar Guidelines

Courting Disaster by Not Understanding Technology

Q&A with New SFVBA President, Robert Flagg

October 2009

MCLE: Protecting Film Industry Clients

Q&A with Philanthropic Attorney David Fleming

Theft of Intellectual Property

Music Licensing 101

Solving Showbiz Puzzles

November 2009

MCLE: Protecting Clients and Counsel Against Metadata Leaks

22 Ways for Attorneys to Use Twitter

Courtroom Etiquette for New Lawyers

A Road Map to Legal Careers

A Guidepost for New Bankruptcy Attorneys

December 2009

MCLE: Fortune Favors the First to Court

A Puzzling Year in Review

Are Massive Court Closures on the Horizon?

Employment Law Review

Estate Planning Lessons from Michael Jackson


June 2008

Non-Profit Directors: The IRS Raises the Governance Bar

Teddy Bears Comfort Court Kids

Los Angeles Superior Court Recruiting Temporary Judges

July-August 2008

MCLE: Street Legal: Ethics in Business Development for Small Firms

The Journey into a Paperless World

2008 Conference of Delegates Gather to Change Law

Technology and ARS: Striking a Balance

Appeals Court Disallows Graduated Probate Filing Fees

September 2008

MCLE: Sticky Settlement Agreements

Installation of SFVBA Officers

Los Angeles Superior Court-Connected Civil Mediations

Fastcase Search Tips: Batch Printing

October 2008

MCLE: Sword and Shield: New Media’s Legal Savior?

State Trial Court Funding: Missing the Mark

SFVBA Board of Trustees Elected; Five New Members Join Board

ARS Refresher Checklist

Attorneys for Less Illustration

November 2008

MCLE: Keeping Exempt Organizations Exempt

2008 Conference of Delegates Update

VCLF Partners with Haven Hills

Videoconferencing: The Attorney’s Newest Productivity Tool

December 2008

MCLE: The Future of Arbitration

California Severance Agreements

2008 Labor and Employment Legislation Update

Text Messaging and Privacy Concerns for the Employer

The Advantages of Hiring Your Nanny Legally